Experienced athlete representing Equestrian Club Czahary Pogorzelica. Since 2003, he has continuously been a member of Polish National Team in jumping. He started his career in eventing (horse trials) at Nowielice stud farm but soon found his passion being jumping. Represented Poland in numerous competitions including Europe Championships and World Cup.


He is one of the premier Polish athletes competing in the Nations Cup. In 2013, riding his primary horse Abigei, won Championship of Poland. Paired with Abigei he also won Grand Prix competitions such as CSI*** Poznań 2012 or CSI*** Lublin 2013. Following a several-months long break due to Abigei injury, the pair has returned to competitions winning CSI2* Cavaliada Lublin Big Run and Grand Prix CSI3* Cavaliada Warsaw.


He is also known for participation in spectacular puissance competitions, finishing as a winner at Cavaliada Kolobrzeg (2016), Poznań (2016) and Lublin (2017).


His idol is the Swedish jumper Rolf Goran Bengtsson, and his life motto the Winston Churchull's "Never, never, never give up".

Primary horses: Abigail, Philadelphia, Quirados AS.

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