Making the Miau&Hau® pads we were mainly focused on selecting the right materials and their
therapeutic properties. Our wool is a natural fiber sheared off living sheeps which protects its natural properties. Non-homogenous structure of the wool fibers gives Nelson wool knitwear a great flexibility. Pads Miau&Hau® are made of fur knitwear: Camel, Nelson and Woolmix.

Camel combines features of camel and merino wool. Due to a special, biological method of processing, it is extremely robust. Features short hair with delicate, silky touch and provides exceptional comfort. Made under the licence of and certified by The Woolmark Company®.

Nelson is made of 100% merino wool, using 700 to 1000 g of fleece per m2. At the finishing stage the knitwear undergoes a special processing giving it a longer, fur-like hair. Among the known knitwear fabrics Nelson features the highest elasticity and durability allowing it to keep the original appearance for long. Made under the licence of and certified by The Woolmark Company®.

Woolmix is a unique combination of wool and synthetic fibers. The manufacturing process gives
Woolmix fabrics soft and pleasant touch while preserving the features of wool. Addition of the synthetic fibers makes it extremely durable and easy to maintain. The fur keeps its original appearance for a very long time.

Benefits of using wool in Pet Pad for dogs and cats:

Pain relief - due to its properties used in rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Thermoregulation – wool fibers have an ability to contract or expand depending on the temperature allowing for a great circulation of the air through the material. That helps to maintain a constant body temperature, ensuring pet doesn’t oversweat or overheat.

Water absorption – wool is capable of absorbing the amount o f w ater e quivalent t o 1 /3 of its own mass without having impression of being moist.

Antibacterial and self-cleaning properties – wool fibers are naturally coated with lanoline which helps to fend off bacteria and mites.

Gentle micro-massage with wool fibers which has a positive impact on blood flow.




Therapies using constant magnetic field have been a part of Chinese medicine for centuries. In the western medicine and rehabilitation, therapeutic use
of constant magnetic field dates back to over 100 years.


Based on those known experiences, we developed the Miau&Hau® permanent magnetic therapy programme for cats and dogs. As we know, every living cell has its own electrical charge which is sensitive to magnetic fields. As illness or physical exertion disrupt energy balance in the cells, exposure to magnetic fields can effectively restore it. In the first phase of implementing the therapy, the magnetic field enhances transport of oxygen by blood cells, dilates blood vessels and reduces tension of vascular endothelium contributing to a better ion exchange and to a local increase in temperature, which in turn increases the rate of the recovery processes. In the healing phase, the body’s vitality is enhanced and the associated boost of energy leads to enhanced immunity and stamina. Miau&Hau® Constant Magnetic Field Therapy constantly maintains the natural balance in the body.

There are two types of magnets used in our products: BioFlex® Classic circular magnetic stripes 635 Gauss and PetFlex™ Magnetic Biostimulators 600 Gauss /pc. Once magnetized, they can only be demagnetized when put in a very strong, reversely polarized magnetic field or in temperature exceeding 80°C. Products in Magnetic Field Therapy line can be used over a long period of time, both to enhance performance in healthy pet as well as for rehab after injuries. Our therapy cannot be overdosed. A body absorbs only as much magnetic energy as it requires to restore its energy balance. Our therapy can be safely applied for both rehabilitation and prevention. There have been no side effects, even if it was used for longer than the recommended time.

Benefits of using the magnetic products:

Recovery – enhanced circulation of blood and lymph allows for oxygen and white blood cells to be

transported 4-times faster than usual. That ensures much faster nourishment and restoration of tissues.

Balancing deficits – faster blood circulation contributes to thermoregulation – lowering temperature

around inflamed tissue which prevents either onset or development of medical issues.

Significant improvement of mobility – healthy back, joints with no swelling are essential for a body to

use its full potential and stay in the best shape.

Elimination of pain symptoms in the spine region – enhanced circulation of the white blood cells

eliminates the perceptible, negative effects caused byswelling and injuries.

Muscle tissue recovery – properly nourished cells mean faster and more efficient recovery and

strengthening of muscles.

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