Nelson™ Corrective Half Pad

Highly recommended for horses with back problems (eg. after injury). Equipped with four velcro-fastened pockets with two Memory Foam inserts in each. Memory Foam inserts can be arranged in a variety of ways, allowing for a perfect fit and ensuring proper support under a saddle. Made of durable denim fabric. Lined with Nelson™ wool knitwear, which ensures great moisture-absorption, breathing and drying properties. Protects against bruises, does not overheat nor cause excessive sweating. 

Outer material:
Inner material:



denim (100% cotton)

Nelson™ knitwear (100% wool)

polyurethane foam, wadding (100% polyester), flannel (100% cotton)

four pockets on outer layer (two pockets on each side); two Memory Foam inserts in each pocket (8 pcs)

strong tape, velcro tape (100% polyester)


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