RIPS Paddock Rug

It is waterproof. Has an elevated collar that protects the neck part and additional hood fastening system. Made of uniquely weaved fabric, which makes the rug very durable. The fastening system ensures freedom of movement and does not allow for moving on the horse’s back. Available with two infills: 300g or 80g.

Outer material: Inner material: Filling:
Finishing: Embellishment:

300g filling:
80g filling:

RIP-STOP fabric (100% polyester)

microfiber (100% polyester)

300g or 80g wadding (100% polyester)

strong tape (100% polyester)

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crossed belts under the belly, leg straps, cord under the tail, half-circle hood clamps, nickel fittings

two adjustable carabiner hooks in front

two adjustable buckles in front


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