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magnetic therapy by torpol

Magnetic Field Therapy™ - original technology, conceived, researched and developed by TORPOL®. Developing it, we carefully chose the appropriate type of magnets and their location, thinking of the spots most prone to injuries. A body absorbs only as much magnetic energy as it requires to restore its energy balance. Magnetic Field Therapy™ enhance circulation of blood and lymph allows for oxygen and white blood cells to be transported faster than usual- properly nourished cells mean faster and more efficient recovery and strengthening of muscles. It also naturally balances out energy deficits, which speeds up the removal of toxins and allows for a faster start of the recovery proces. Products in Magnetic Field Therapy™ line can be used over a long period of time, both to enhance performance in healthy as well as for rehab after injuries.


In rehabilitation, prevention and after injuries!


  • Supports the recovery processes by faster regeneration of tissues

  • Shortens the time of biological regeneration

  • Balances deficits

  • Improves the body's immune functions

  • Improves metabolism

  • Increases resistance to physical and mental fatigue

  • Accelerates the wound healing process

Magnetic Shoulder Protector
Magnetic Lumbar Protector
Magnetic Wrist Protector
Magnetic Knee Protector
Magnetic Neck Protector
Magnetic Ankle Protector
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