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Magnetic Field Therapy™ 

Magnetic Field Therapy

Our original technology, conceived, researched and developed for the needs of horses. Developing it, we carefully chose the appropriate type of magnets and their location, thinking of the spots most prone to injuries. The magnets used in our products are called Neodymium Magnetic Activators (NMA) and Neodymium Magentic Stimulators (NMB). Both NMA and NMB are permanent magnets. Once magnetized, they can only be demagnetized when put in a very strong, reversely polarized magnetic field or in temperature exceeding 80°C. Products in Magnetic Field Therapy™ line can be used over a long period of time, both to enhance performance in healthy horses as well as for rehab after injuries. Our therapy cannot be overdosed. A body absorbs only as much magnetic energy as it requires to restore its energy balance. Our therapy can be safely applied for both rehabilitation and prevention. After a short adaptation period it can be applied for up to 12h a day. However, there have been no side effects, even if it was used for longer than the recommended time.

Benefits of using the Magnetic Field Therapy™ products:

  • Recovery – enhanced circulation of blood and lymph allows for oxygen and white blood cells to be transported 4-times faster than usual. That ensures much faster nourishment and restoration of tissues.

  • Balancing deficits – faster blood circulation contributes to thermoregulation – lowering temperature around inflamed tissue which prevents either onset or development of medical issues.

  • Significant improvement of mobility – healthy back, joints with no swelling are essential for a horse to use its full potential and stay in the best shape.

  • Elimination of pain symptoms in the spine region – enhanced circulation of the white blood cells eliminates the perceptible, negative effects caused by swelling and injuries.

  • Muscle tissue recovery – properly nourished cells mean faster and more efficient recovery and strengthening of muscles.

Magnetic therapy saddlepad


Magnetic therapy should not be used in animals during pregnancy, treatment of open wounds, keloid (wild meat) and cancer. All magnetic products should be avoided or dealt with extreme care by pregnant women and people with pacemakers or other electromedical devices. The products should not be stored close to any magnetic data storage devices.



Fabric of a new generation!

A unique fabric made of microfibers, combines advantages of textiles with remarkable mechanical properties. It’s easy to arrange, soft, lightweight and extremely durable. Due to its dense structure Evolon® provides a great protection with excellent filtering properties. Evolon® is the registered trademark of Carl Freudenberg KG, Germany.

Main advantages of using Evolon®:

  • Liquid absorption - thanks to a large surface area of its microfilaments, Evolon® can absorb the amount of liquid equivalent to 400% of its own mass which makes it an ideal material for products exposed to sweat, such as saddlecloth.

  • Moisture shedding – Evolon® immediately absorbs sweat and dries instantly which helps maintain the skin dry.

  • Breathability – millions of microfilaments allow for a free flow of the air.

  • Antibacterial and mite-proof – compact structure keeps even the tiniest of allergens on the outside. The dense structure has an additional advantage as it cannot be penetrated by hair which makes it easy to clean up.

  • Long usage-time – research results show that the fabric maintains its original properties even after numerous cycles of washing in various detergents

  • Environment friendly – no binder or solvents are used in the manufacturing process. The material does not contain PVC or glue.


Pure Wool Nelson™ 


Nelson™ is a natural fiber acquired during sheep shearing. Non-homogenous structure of the wool fibers gives Nelson™ wool knitwear great flexibility. The wool is sheared off living sheep, which protects the natural properties of the fibers.

Benefits of using Nelson™  wool in equestrian products:

  • Pain relief - due to its properties used in rehabilitation and injury prevention.

  • Thermoregulation – wool fibers have an ability to contract or expand depending on the temperature allowing for a great circulation of the air through the material. That helps to maintain a constant body temperature, ensuring horse doesn’t oversweat or overheat.

  • Water absorption – wool is capable of absorbing the amount of water equivalent to 1/3 of its own mass without having impression of being moist.

  • Antibacterial and self-cleaning properties – wool fibers are naturally coated with lanoline which helps to fend off bacteria and mites.

  • Gentle micro-massage with wool fibers has a positive impact on blood flow.

Pure Wool

Memory Foam Technology ™ 

Memory Foam

For the horse and the rider’s comfort!


Memory Foam T echnology™ uses a multi-layered structure which is based on the high-density Lazy Foam. The foam perfectly fits the body and at the same time reduces pressure on the back. The inner part is made of innovative Hex-Line™ foam of high-density and optimal hardness. The outer part uses hydrophobic non-woven WTM-ECCO, featuring high elasticity and resistance to abrasion. Applied in saddlecloths and pads, it is responsible for maintaining the product’s shape and sweat shedding properties. Used in a multi-layered configuration the technology significantly enhances comfort for both the horseand rider.

Benefits of using the Memory Foam Technology™: 

  • Perfect fit for every saddle – the technology prevents discomfort, e.g. after contusion or during recovery of back muscles.

  • Breathability – the air can pass freely through all the foam layers which prevents oversweating and overheating of the horse’s back.

  • Perfect cushioning - enhances comfort of riding.

  • Ensures close contact between the horse and the rider.

memory foam

Latex Sponge Technology ™

Latex Sponge

Only in TORPOL® products!

This technology uses a multi-layered structure of various materials based on latex foam. Its unique feature is uniform distribution of pressure and remarkable bounce. Inner part was made of Hex-Line™ foam, featuring high density and optimum hardness. Inner part uses hydrophobic non-woven WTM-ECCO, featuring high elasticity and resistance to abrasion. Applied in saddlecloths and pads, it is responsible for maintaining the product’s shape and sweat shedding properties. Used in a multi-layered configuration the technology significantly enhances comfort for both the horse and rider.

Benefits of using Latex Sponge Technology™:

  • Uniform distribution of pressure over the entire product surface – regardless of the force applied to the back, pads using this technology will ensure that the pressure is evenly distributed and not applied at one point.

  • Breathability - the air can pass freely through all the foam layers which prevents oversweating and overheating of the horse’s back.

  • Natural guard against fungi and mites – due to applied combination of chemically inert materials.

  • Unparalleled comfort of riding – cushioning, proper bounce and elasticity.

latex sponge



Fabric appreciated in every stable!

B-NEV™ fabric has been applied in rugs, pads and as a decoration in other products. Innovative weaving technology makes the fabric durable and ensures an attractive look for long. The outer layer features a delicate gloss, enhancing the esthetical value of the material. Combination of cotton and polyester fibers makes it resistant to abrasion, tearing and dirt.

Benefits of using B-NEV™:

  • Extremely easy to maintain – it doesn’t “catch” sawdust or straw, dirt can be simply removed by wiping with a moist cloth which will significantly limit the time and effort required to maintain the products while their look will remain outstanding, even after intense usage.

  • Great resistance to damage and UV rays – thanks to the innovative processing technology.

  • Breathability – guaranteed full permeability of the air, your horse won’t oversweat not overheat.

B-NEV™ fabric



Knitwear the active people love.

Well-known for its use in a variety of products for active people (jackets, jumpers, etc.). Indispensable in various weather conditions: protects from wind and light rain. Three-layered structure (DWR- insulated polyester, membrane, knitwear) ensures not only thermal insulation but also great comfort. Perfect material for rugs (especially the practice ones).

Benefits of using Softshell:

  • Thermal comfort – protects from wind

  • Breathability – allows for a free passing of the air, your horse won’t oversweat nor overheat.

  • Protects from drizzle and light rain making it a perfect outdoor solution.

  • Enhances comfort – it’s soft and slightly stretchable which contributes to enhanced freedom of movement.

  • Durability and long-lasting – keeps the original shape and look for long.

  • Resistant to dirt – extremely easy to clean.

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